m0m0chan here :3
im a random little neko girl, with an obsession with wigs, doodling and cute things nya~ <3

ok...since im still confused with how tumbler works, i shall use it to cross-post my blogs from blogspot first and other random stuff from my other sites~ OuO weee~

Permalink Random Becca Adventure to UST and some flower place! met with teacher Akiko also before leaving~ 😸
Permalink My Homemade Roasted Pumpkin &amp; Potato Soup w/ a dash of cinnamon &lt;3 😸 🍵
Permalink My take on the flourless banana pancake! 🍌 though it kinda sucks we don&#8217;t have any maple syrup now :/
Permalink ..It&#8217;s just one project after the other @_@&#8221; /hidesunderarock
Permalink Practice practice practice~
Permalink Beach Time!!
Permalink Get better soon my baby :&lt; 😫
Permalink Somethin&#8217; yummy in the kitchen!~ &gt;u&lt; #baking
Permalink Lovely blue flowers from Puppy. I &lt;3 them ❤️💐❤️
(plus my lil&#8217; baby Beans 😻)
Permalink Yay for yummy food! &lt;3